Faculty Awarded with Ph.D in 2017-18 :

S.No.NameDepartmentArea of ResearchUniversity
1 Deepak K.B. ME Biomass briquettes- An alternative source of energy  VTU, Belagavi
2 Chethan P.D. Chemistry Chemical modification of chitosan Mangalore University

 Faculty Pursuing Ph.D:

1 Ms. Jaya Pai A Chemistry Mangalore
2 Ms. Shwetambika P Chemistry Mangalore
3 Mr. M Ramananda Kamath
Mathematics VTU
4 Mr. Mahesh Prasanna K CSE VTU
5 Mr. Harivinod N
6 Mr. Raghavendra Katagall CSE VTU
7 Mr. Sandesha Karanth P K CSE VTU
8 Mr. Nithin Kurup UG CSE VTU
9 Ms. Ashwini P CSE VTU
10 Mr. Shivarama M S CV VTU
11 Mr. Prashantha CV VTU
12 Mr. Subrahmanya R M CV VTU
13 Mr. Jayakrishna Bhat D CV VTU
14 Mr. Prasad Pujar CV VTU
15 Mr. Yogesha DS CV VTU
16 Mr. Shishira Krishna S CV VTU
17 Mr. Prashantha H D CV VTU
18 Mr. Srikantha Rao S K EC VTU
19 Mr. Udayakumar S EC VTU
20 Ms. Rajani Rai B EC VTU
21 Ms. Jovita Lasrado EC VTU
22 Mr. Vinay P EC VTU
23 Mr. Suhandas EC VTU
24 Mr. Guru Sandesh M EC VTU
25 Mr. Udayashankar P ME VTU
26 Mr. Puneeth N ME VTU
27 Mr. Sunil B Lakkudi ME VTU
28 Mr. Rakshith Kumar Shetty ME VTU
29 Mr. Ashley D'Souza MBA VTU
30 Mr. Rakesh M MBA VTU
32 Mr. Rajesh R CV Mangalore University


Research Publications:

(1) K. Mahesh Prasanna, and Shantharama Rai C, “Fuzzy Logic – A Comprehensive Study”, IJAFRC (International Journal of Advance Foundation & Research in Computer), ISSN: 2348-4853, Volume-1, Issue-10, October-2014, pp 10-15.
(2) K. Mahesh Prasanna, and Shantharama Rai C, “Image Processing Algorithms – A Comprehensive Study”, IJACR (International Journal of Advanced Computer Research), ISSN (print): 2249-7277 ISSN (online): 2277-7970, Volume-4, Number-2, Issue-15, June-2014, pp 532-539.
(3) K. Mahesh Prasanna, and Shweta M. Madiwal, “Hand Bone Age Estimation Using Energy Based Segmentation”, IJCSMC (International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing), ISSN: 2320-088X, Volume-3, Issue-6, June-2014, pp 708-712.
(4) Design and Implementation of SDRAM controller based Digital Watermarking with combined DWT-DCT Technique on FPGA, Pramod Kumar Naik, Arun S Tigadi, Hansraj Guhilot, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 5, Issue 3, March 2015.


Attending Workshops and Seminars:

(1) Two day National Conference on Outcome Based Education, January 16-17, 2015, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, India.
Attended by Prof. P. V. Bhat, Dr. Mahesh K. K., Prof. Vandana Shankar, Prof. Uday Shankar P, Prof. Srikanth Rao and Prof. Thejaswini L. P.
(2) Workshop on Basic Science (Engineering Physics) syllabus for B.E. programme, August 18, 2014, University B.D.T. College of Engineering, Davangere, Karnataka, India. Attended by Dr. Mahesh K. K.
(3) A two day workshop on Mathematics for Engineers during 25 ,26 July 2014, at SJCE, Mysore
(4) A three day workshop on Research methodologies and latex on 2014 at Sri Devi College of Technology, Kenjar, Mangalore
(5) The paper entitled “ Synthesis of ethylenediamine modified gluteraldehyde crosslinked microspheres for the adsorption of divalent and hexavalent metal ions” was presented at National Conference on Current Trends in Scientific Research For Engineering Applications [ NCSEA-2014] held at the Department of Science, St.Joseph Engineering College,Vamanjoor Mangalore during 17-18 July, 2014.
(6) Paper titled, “Comparative Analysis of Boiler Efficiency, Between Commercial Sawdust Briquette and Biomass Briquette Fuels”, National conference on Renewable Energy Systems and Engineering (NCRESE 2014), ISBN: 978-93-5196-379-0, Page No.87-94, Vivekananda College of Engineering and Technology, Puttur. 7th and 8th November 2014.
(7) Paper titled, “Experimental Analysis of Physical and Fuel Characteristics of Areca Leaves Briquette”, International Journal of Science and Research (IJRS), ISSN (Online): 2319-7064, January 2015 Issue. Paper has been accepted for publication, waiting for hard copy and certificate.


Research Project in progress:

(1) Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST), Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology & Science and Technology, Govt. of Karnataka, India, “Shape Setting of Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloys”, Seed Money to Young Scientists for Research (SMYSR), Rs. 6 Lakhs/- to Dr. Mahesh K. K., Professor of Physics.


As a Resource Person:

(1) Dr. Mahesh K. K. delivered an invited lecture, ‘Smart Materials’ at Alva's College, Moodbidri, Karnataka, India, on Dt. 23-01-2015.



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